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On The Menu Roast Chicken 320g

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2 reviews on “On The Menu Roast Chicken 320g


    Pretty safe to say the photo is very misleading

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    I Absolutely loved your On The Menu Roast Chicken 320g net, succulent slices of chicken, topped with delicious gravy, served with onion & sage seasoning, roasted hand-cut veggies ( which included potatoes plus pumpkin) and peas.
    HOWEVER - You have changed the recipe to include corn & deleted the pumpkin.. A roast dinner is not a roast dinner without both pumpkin & potatoes, why not just keep the pumpkin & add the corn, I was most disappointed with the change of your recipe & won't be buying the roast dinners again.. 😕

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 359 kj
Protein 5.9 gm
Fat - Total 2.4 gm
Fat - Saturated 0.7 gm
Carbohydate 7.8 gm
Carbohydate - Sugars 1.4 gm
Sodium 326 milligrams
Ingredients Roasted Vegetables (40%) (Potato, Pumpkin, Rice Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Spices, Yeast Extract, Herbs, Malt Extract (Barley)), Roast Chicken (24%) (Chicken, Salt, Thickener (407, 508), Sugar, Dried Orange Pulp (Thickener (4515)), Natural Flavour (1422), Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt Spices, Tomato Paste (Food Acid (330)), Natural Flavour (Soy, Wheat), Beef Extract, Yeast Extract, Malt Extract (Barley), Herbs), Peas (11%), Seasoning (Water, Breadcrumbs (Fish, Soy, Milk, Wheat, Sesame, Oats), Onion, Margarine, Salt, Spices, Vegetable Oil, Herbs).