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McCain Delish Potato Gratin 400g

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2 reviews on “McCain Delish Potato Gratin 400g


    So good

    Similar opinion? Write a review!

    Hi, I discovered these puck-sized potato gratins and thought they taste fantastic!
    A nice creamy & flavourful cheese combination with a great potato texture, with an appealing brown/roasted top. The best was, it only took me 15 mins to prepare in the oven, giving me a premium dinner option to cater for my unexpected visitors!

    Similar opinion? Write a review!

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 729 kj
Protein 3.3 gm
Fat - Total 11.5 gm
Fat - Saturated 9.8 gm
Carbohydate 13.8 gm
Carbohydate - Sugars 1.7 gm
Sodium 360 milligrams
Ingredients Potatoes (47%), Skim Milk, Vegetable Oil, Water, Cream (6.5%), Processed Emmental Cheese (5.5%) (Cheese, Water, Milk Solids, Salt, Modified Starch, Thickener (407), Butter, Emulsifiers (331, 339, 452), Natural Colour (160b)), Potato Starch, Milk Solids, Thickeners (461, 418), Natural Flavours, Salt, Emulsifier (471), Garlic, Spices.