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Gardener Mixed Blossom Honey Jar 700g

1.5 from 11 reviews

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    This is the worst honey I've tasted in quite a while. It is over sweet and simply taste like sickly sugar. It is watery and lacks the thickness expected of natural honey. It has a very insipid honey aroma. So to me it fails big time on taste, texture and aroma. Then looking at the ethical marketing and authenticity of the product it is a total failure on both counts as it does not state where the other 90% of ingredients are sourced from or even if it comprises of honey or some other honey like product/s. Why haven't they got the decency and integrity to state what the 90% of sickly sweet concoction is or where it is sourced. I am so disappointed and so distrustful of the unknown 90% ingredients I have just tipped it down the drain. Only thing going for it was the convenience of buying off the shelf. From now on I shall go back to my normal honey buying and shall take the extra time and effort and buy from local beekeepers in my area instead. At least that way I know I'm getting authentic honey. I can only give a rating of one star for this honey and that is for convenience of purchase only.

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    Absolutely tastes like crap. A rip off and farmer jacks should be ashamed for selling it.
    Be taking back to farmer jacks for my money back

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    Bought this today in a 1 kg container. Tastes like Golden syrup. I’ll be returning it to Woolworths.

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    as soon as we tasted it, we knew it was sugar and water mix. just one jar back it was only a 20% and did not taste as crap as this does. we will be looking for a real honey again so disappointed with Australian government and Woolworths.

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Nutrition Information Per 100g

Energy 1400 kj
Protein 0.2 gm
Fat - Total 0.0 gm
Fat - Saturated 0.0 gm
Fat - Trans 0.0 gm
Carbohydate 82.1 gm
Carbohydate - Sugars 82.1 gm
Sodium 14 milligrams