Mighty Spice Butter Chicken 80g


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Extremely moderate flavour and spice.

The spice package had a hint of a butter chicken smell – but it didn’t last for long – when it was cooked it just tasted like a mild curry – not overly creamy or rich like I would expect from a butter chicken.

It was OK to eat, but I wouldn’t get it if you’re wanting a butter chicken curry !

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Energy 394 kj
Protein 1.3 gm
Fat - Total 4.9 gm
Fat - Saturated 0.4 gm
Carbohydate 11.1 gm
Carbohydate - Sugars 1.5 gm
Dietary Fibre 0.7 gm
Sodium 0.6 milligrams

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One Guest Review

  1. I have just tried your butter chicken and it is delicious 😋 and i cannot wait to try the the tikka masala

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